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Flashboard Mini

I designed the Flashboard Mini to be the lightest, most powerful electric skateboard on the market. All inside a thin and stylish carbon fiber body. See the Flash Mobility Project

Flashboard Pro

Flashboard Pro is both bigger and more powerful than Flashboard Mini. My main goal was to make the ride as comfortable as possible. For that reason I developed the Airless Tires. You can Watch the video to see the product in action.


Want to wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy? In Undout we are revolutionizing sleep by developing the healthiest alarm clock that promotes natural waking up progress. My job is to lead our hardware development team and design the product itself. We currently have many working prototypes being tested. Visit our website.

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A device that protects the lives of people who risk their lives to save us. It is designed to monitor vital signs in firefighters and offer early warning of emergency. Created in cooperation with Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at CTU.

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Airless Tires

Want to ride safely and comfortably. The Airless Tires are your best bet. Designed to be the most stylish and soft tires available for any electric skateboard.

Liquid Fuel Rocket Engine

Goal of our team is to build a fully functional liquid fuel rocket engine designed for static testing. My role in the project is the design of the rocket engine itself and design of a testing frame that is going to be used for monitoring and safe testing of the engine.

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Flash Mobility - Startup

During my study in the first year of high school, my friend and I have founded a company that focused on bringing electric skateboards to the Czech market. At the beginning we were focusing on selling OEM electric skateboards under the brand name Boardmobile, so we could prove that it is a viable idea. After growing the business, we received a seed investment that allowed us to grow our idea even more. We developed a new brand called Flash and electric skateboards called Flashboards. At the peak of our business, our team had consisted of separate hardware, software, marketing and business departments. My role as a co-founder was the leadership of the hardware development department.

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Business trip to China

I had the opportunity to spend three months travelling around China, spending most of my time in Shenzhen Maker Space and community Trouble Maker. I worked on developing Flashboards and building a supply chain.

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Undout Crowdfunding Campaign

We have launched our crowdfunding campaign with our Undout Sleep Box on a Czech crowdfunding site called Hithit on the 3rd of March 2020. We have raised 100% of our goal in 48 hours. Now we are preparing for the manufacturing. Visit our website.

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Teaching and lecturing

Even during my high school studies, I had frequently been giving lectures about 3D printing, design or electronics as my voluntary activity.

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Coworking space

While I was studying at my high school, I saw an unfulfilled need amongst other classmates. The root of our problem was that we wanted to work together on various projects, but we didn’t have any space. At the same time I had also founded a hardware and electronics club at school. With all of that, we needed some space to work and meet. So we decided to build a coworking space at an abandoned part of our school. I had presented the idea to our principal and he decided to support us and fund our initiative. We built the first coworking space at our school by ourselves and currently I’m in charge of developing a project about expanding our initiative by rebuilding another unused space and hopefully we’ll be able to get sufficient funding by the summer of the year 2020 to further extend the 80 sq. m space by another 250 square meters (2690 sq. ft) to accommodate more active students working on their projects and startups.

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Next Zone

Next Zone is a unique combination of an Event Space, Maker Space, and Startup Incubator in Prague, created as a place for people to meet, cooperate, and share knowledge. At its heart will be the first modern technology-oriented event space in Prague. An online education studio during COVID-19, and later a place where people can meet and build networks. Visit our website for the latest updates.

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